General Description

Perfect Shopping List led you manage shopping list easy and quickly, in devices using the Android operating system. The interaction focuses on the practice, and is based on the building of a list of items, which can be individually marked as “necessary”. Once you are in the store, as the needed products are picked up, they can be unmarked in the application. The items can be reused as many times as you need.

Perfect Shopping List can also store the target stock for each item. Before go shopping, you can enter the current stock and Perfect Shopping List will calc the necessary amount to reach the target stock.

There are two main views: items and shopping. In the item list you will be able to add, delete and modify items, in addition to mark and unmark them. The shopping list only shows the articles marked as “necessary”. When an article is unmarked it will be removed from this list, so you only see in it what is pending to buy.


Perfect Shopping List is the evolution of another prestigious application called Supermarket Helper, which was released some years ago for smartphones running the Symbian operating system developed by Nokia.

Upper images are courtesy of Ambro, Stuart Miles y Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net